About Us

Gourmet Boutique is the nation’s leading manufacturer of high quality, pre-cooked entrées, salads and side dishes for retail and food service applications. Our products, which are made by hand using the finest ingredients and cooked in small batches, provide our customers with innovative solutions, efficiencies and differentiation.

With two manufacturing facilities located in New York and Phoenix, we are able to deliver fresh and frozen solutions to all 50 states as well as neighboring countries. Gourmet Boutique has a long-standing commitment to manufacture safe, quality foods. Our executive staff and production associates share in the commitment to ensure our customers the highest level of food safety every day.


Gourmet Boutique was founded in 1996. We recall beginning as “Ernie’s Mini Mart,” a 2000 square foot manufacturer of meatballs and pasta dishes in Queens, NY. Our small size necessitated utilization of “micro manufacturing” techniques such as hand cutting vegetables and proteins and small batch production to replicate classic culinary techniques.

As our company grew, we continued our focus on these high quality production processes which to this day, remain one of our core competencies.

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