Introducing Fresh by Gourmet Boutique™

We use strong, classic culinary techniques providing artisan appearance. We practice hand made, small batch production, combined with large volume manufacturing capability. With two manufacturing facilities located in Jamaica, New York and Phoenix, Arizona, we are able to deliver fresh solutions nationwide to all 50 states as well as neighboring countries.

Fresh by Gourmet Boutique™ brings fresh tasting, home style foods to the table.

Our Fresh by Gourmet Boutique™ Products


Made with the freshest ingredients.

With Fresh By Gourmet Boutique, you’ll never have to worry about what’s for dinner. Choose an entree then add a side.
Fully cooked, restaurant quality, ready to heat and eat.
No preservatives added and NO MSG EVER.

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Fresh By Gourmet Boutique ™ Chicken Pot Pie

Fresh By Gourmet Boutique ™ Three Cheese Italian Style Chicken Meatballs

Fresh By Gourmet Boutique ™ Chicken Meatballs with Marinara Sauce

Fresh By Gourmet Boutique ™ Buffalo Style Chicken Meatballs